Sunday, April 11, 2010

Everything in Arkansas has been going really well. Beth got to go to a great church conference for women in Memphis called a Timeout for Women. She went with her mom and sister and they were able to listen to John Bytheway and also Sherry Dew. She really loved the experience. That means that I was a bachelor this weekend and spent the weekend with my father-in-law Steve. We played a round of golf on Saturday and I officially shot under 100 (98 to be exact). While for many that would be a terrible round, for me I left feeling as if I were Phil Mickelson winning the Masters. Last Thursday was another doctors apointment and everything is going really well with the little tike. We have a list of new names at this time so we wanted to run them by Quality Control AKA Michael to see if there are any flaws or ways to make fun of the baby.

Ethan James
Ethan Dean
Jace Steven
Connor (The double r is a problem but we really like this name)

This is the updated list and with only 15 weeks to go (a little over 3 months) we are excited to say the least. Beth is looking very prego!!! And may I say extremely attractive!!! I love her prego belly. I am coming down with cravings for chocolate all the time now and Beth has new cravings every day. Recently, mexican has been a top choice. We can feel the little guy kicking on a regular basis and have even been able to see it. He is a very strong little guy, takes after his dad.


  1. I vote for Ethan James...super fly.
    But like you said, we're going to have to get the expert's (Michael) advice on this one.
    And Beth you are looking super prego and adorable!

  2. Thank you for recognizing my abilities in this area. Here's my thoughts.

    Ethan: You know my position on this one. Not a bad choice, I just think of furniture.

    Jace: Too wierd. Could be a girls name.

    Cole/Colton: Not bad, I don't see a lot of potential for middle schoolers to make fun of this one. Definitely better than Gabriel.

    Henry: See previous comment.

    Avery: Absolutely not. This is a girl's name. If by some accident the ultrasound technician told you the wrong gender, then this is a great name, but if the baby comes out with a Y chromosome, please don't punish him with a girl's name. See this website for more information:

  3. LOVE all of your comments and very helpful input! Thank you Nicole for saying I look adorable...I need that! I just feel bigger and bigger each day, probably b/c I am. As far as names are concerned, I think Ethan James is in the lead as far as family favorites are concerned. Jace Steven is one of my top favorites, but Nicole, could you handle that name in the family since your experience w/ one a few years ago? I really like Cole and Colton as well....guess we'll keep thinking and waiting for more input.

  4. haha I could handle it...but not going to lie, when I hear it, the first person I think of is Jace Mattinson. But then again, one of my best friends is marrying a guy named Jace and he is we can make it work ;)